At some point of my journey I felt that I was not good enough.

Eventually life taught me that it was the journey of learning, overcoming multiple challenges, facing inner demons and moving through obstacles that reveals purpose.

By overcoming discomfort and not playing the victim role made me STRONGER.

I learned to balance my mental and physical well-being, which is always being challenged. I now find joy in knowing that I am moving in directions that align with who I want to be, and what I want to create. 

But more importantly, I enjoy the process of practicing what I have learned.

I am open to sharing knowledge, techniques and mechanists that took me years to learn with YOU. 

I take great pleasure in being able to help others in their journey of self development.  Because none of us are truly broken, we just have some adjustments to make!

Our choices, values, goals, and desires, define who we are and to help us reach whatever we set out to do. 

Awareness of what you want to accomplish is the first step.  I am here to help you nail down what is important to you.

You have control of your reality, so choose the best path.  You don’t have to be the best at anything, as long as you are always moving toward the version of yourself that makes you feel better, healthier, and happier…you are in a winning position!  


We all love work or family gatherings when there is a lot of tasty food. And who doesn’t like going out for dinner or ordering some take-out food once in a while? I know I do, and when hunger is pinging you it is hard to turn down more than you plan and need to

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10 Ways to Build Motivation

Many people struggle with motivation, and this can change day to day. But there is a way to solve this, and anyone can do it! Here are 10 powerful techniques that will help you get on track: 1.Have a strategy to follow each day by planning at least a day ahead. 2. Prepare your mindset

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My Evolution to 2017

I learned the value of discipline through having a strong desire. Point blank. Plan for your success If you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes to get there. You must feed your #inspiration to help you along the way. How? Through continuously seeking knowledge, finding mentors and role models, and creating

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Build Your Mind What you think about can either be productive and useful, or sit there and collect dust. If you are going to work toward a goal to get your body to a healthier state, or to feel your best ever, you must first build the bricks by starting with a stronger mindset. YOUR

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Build Yourself Up

We all undergo hard times. But we don’t have to embody them. We can overcome anything we choose to. If you want to build yourself better to have a happier future, it’s a good time to explore who you are, how you define yourself, and what you want.  Let’s start with evaluating yourself. Are you

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4 Major Life Super-Chargers

Given all the knowledge that can direct ourselves into living a healthier life, why would we not take this information and use it to feel our best? Why in our right minds would we ignore them? Honoring our body goes hand in hand with mental health. When you accomplish something, you feel good, right? You

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