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Individualized protocols designed specifically to meet your needs, goals, and experience level. These are not cookie-cutter programs you can find anywhere. These are my own training layouts and personal videos to deliver the best coaching experience! I want you to feel like I am right there with you. All-in-all, your workouts are designed to accommodate your lifestyle. Whether you are working out from home, in a gym, or in a hotel, there is always a plan that can be created special for you.

BODY STRONG MACRO – Monthly Program

For those who want a clear, individualized training protocol with a basic nutritional set up. This is  app-based training with a daily caloric goal to shoot for. You will have access to self-swappable recipe-based meals (within my training app) that fit your daily macro needs.

  • Custom in-app workout splits designed for at-home or gym-based training
  • Program built for your needs, goals, & training level
  • Programs are manipulated as needed based on your progression, training level, and adherence. Not everyone moves at the same speed. This is why cookie-cutter programs suck.
  • Exclusive video demos with in-depth instruction by your coach Shawna Strong
  • Macro-based meal plan options with recipes you can swap out
  • Weekly program check-ins to ensure accountability, motivation, and habit change.
  • Month-to-Month subscription.

BODY STRONG MEGA – 12 Week Program Commitment

Your all-inclusive program! Body Strong + Nutri Strong Meal Prep Program. This includes everything in Body Strong Macro PLUS:

  • Nutri Strong Meal Prep Program (discounted)
  • 1x 20 min bi-weekly phone call via WhatsApp (or other agreed-upon) method

BONUS : Body Strong PDF Workbook



Does this sound like you?

  • Dealing with weakness or pain in your body
  • Lacking flexibility, stability, and range of motion
  • Out of shape or not getting results with diet or exercise
  • Feel tired, anxious, or stressed out
  • Needing direction and a boost in confidence
  • You need change or a mindset shift


Do you know why most people hate Mondays?  Poor Monday has gotten a bad rap for years.  Most people wait to start their new life venture on Monday.  But if it isn’t This Monday, it’s next Monday, and on and on until Monday is just another day of the same routine. Well you are going to change that. Your Monday is going to look like this:

Your gym bag is packed. Your food is planned out for your day. BOOM! You have started your day productive! Your mood is elevated because you have a daily routine and prepared to stick to your goals. People around you notice your drive.  I mean, you really got it going on. The days of feeling guilty for skipping out on your workouts or eating out of whack is gone. You are on track to move through those goals and make it a lifestyle. Can you visualize this?

All you have to do is put the wheels in motion…



  • CUSTOMIZED workout programs delivered via my Team Strong App
  • Train on your own time at home or gym
  • Build your strength, muscle, improve fitness, flexibility, stamina, and lose bodyfat
  • Ongoing support and accountability to keep you motivated and progressing
  • Weekly check ins & open app communication anytime
  • Month-to-month subscription, no contracts

BONUS ($37 Value)

  • FREE BODY STRONG Fitness Workbook (Download & Print)



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I am an IFBB Bodybuilding Professional and a U.S. Air Force Veteran. I have a B.S. Degree in Nutrition as well as a B.S. Degree in Community Health Education. I have been coaching clients since 2006, transforming the lives of many with my tried and true techniques and expertise. I love helping others overcome challenges and pulling out their inner warrior. I look forward to being your ultimate guide to help you get in shape and feeling your best!




Thanks for all you've done for me. I am so grateful. You are my inspiration and you have taught me just a piece of your great experience and training. You’re an awesome role model!

Amy Kosirog

Shawna is a wonderful coach that really takes ownership of your success. She really cares, a rare quality in today’s world! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to transform their body.

Gregg Bassett

Each workout with Shawna is characterized by her unwavering sincerity and intense focus on achieving the desired goals, all delivered in an engaging and caring manner. I believe her unique approach, often underrated, deserves wider recognition and should be experienced by those seeking to unlock their optimal physical and mental selves.
During our PT sessions, Shawna pushed me closer to the best version of myself and helped me recognize a better version of myself that I can strive towards when I'm far from it. You also helped me to push harder mentally/physically, helped me to focus in general, focus on proper form & helped me understand how stretching and consistent nutrition is an important aspect of training. Also helped me have some of the most fun times at the gym 🙂

Zedlin Fernandez

Shawna is supportive and has strategies that have proven successful. She managed to get me to pull my head out of my ass, ultimately steering me in a new and healthy direction.

Nanette Navarez

I selected Shawna from a huge range of PT’s because of her expertise in body building and that she has a degree in nutrition of which she hasn’t failed to deliver. What I didn’t expect to get was the level of care and her own commitment to MY goals. She is amazing and is a big contributor to my motivation.

Colleen Plummer

I look and feel awesome. This honestly changed my life, I couldn't imagine a better trainer if I tried.

David McDonald

Shawna is great at working with your specific needs, while also finding new ways to push you to your limits and beyond. She's fun to work with, has a great balance of dialogue and work-mode, and goes beyond the call of duty to help with any specific logistical situation. For example, I needed to isolate during a show period (as a singer), so Shawna set me up with a home work out. She's also been great at finding challenging, but safe ways for me to do heavy lifting despite my historic stomach surgery.
Her knowledge of form is also incredible. She knows how to get the most out of each movement of a weight, the right pace and positioning to handle the far heavier weights, and utilising angles and speed to get the most out of lighter weights during drop sets.
I'd recommend Shawna to everyone!

Michael Potts


Choose to


Can I get into shape without adding too much muscle?

Absolutely. Muscles shape the body, which is why I fell in love with bodybuilding. However you don’t have to build big muscles to have a nice shape. Building strength so your body is in balance and improving mobility is my number one priority. My programs can be customized for any body type or goal, no matter what shape you start in, or what you want to achieve.

I don't have access to a gym. Will I still be able to succeed in this program?

You don’t need a gym to get in shape! Your program can be designed based around what you have access to at home or even in the outdoors. If you can’t train with me in person I have online programs you can follow as an alternative.  Your success is always determined by how well you follow through with the program.

What if I'm a complete beginner?

No problem.  Many people I worked with started from scratch. I know I may look a bit intimidating but I assure you I am not out to prove anything and kill you in the beginning :). We will move at a pace that is within your physical means. Also I will do my very best to help you understand everything you are doing and why.  I got you!

What if I'm more advanced?

I have worked with other personal trainers to competitive athletes, and love sharing my knowledge and new ways to help you with your goals.

How Fast will I see results?

The speed at which you get results depends on your level of commitment to the program, and how much needs to improve.  Everyone moves at a different pace. You may feel results before you see dramatic physical change, but most will notice within a couple of months. This hedges on how much effort you put into your program.

What is the Time Commitment?

Your goals and ability to commit will determine how much time you need to invest. We will discuss this in the initial stage of your program.

Can you work around injuries or health issues?

This depends upon investigation of your issue.  Your program will be adapted to your needs to keep you safe. It is always good to have your doctor clear you to train prior to starting up.

How many days per week do I need to train?

The average client will train 2-4 days per week. You can choose what will work best for you, and I will suggest what will be the most beneficial to reach your goals in a timely manner.  As long as you are enjoying your training and getting positive results that is what matters to me. I am here for you!

How long are the training sessions?

We will come up with a length of time that will works for your schedule and budget. I offer 30 min, 45 min, and 60 min sessions. Obviously the more you can do the more we can get done!

How much does training cost?

I will provide rates and program options after determining what your needs are in the consultation. My 2023, 1 on 1 rates are between $75-$110 per session depending on how much time you need/want. My training app is a lower cost alternative for those who cannot afford in-person training.

What if I have to cancel a session?

I have a standard policy for cancellations. You may cancel and reschedule a session for free if I am notified within 24 hours. If not, please expect to pay for that missed session.