Eat to Support Your GOALS and Accelerate RESULTS


Your personalized nutrition plan will be all laid out for you. No more guessing what to eat or how much to eat!

Nutri Strong Protocol – 12 Weeks

For those who want a clear and concise nutrition protocol to follow. This is for serious individuals looking to achieve fat loss goals, muscle gain and/or maintenance, to develop healthier eating habits, and create a healthier relationship with their diet overall.

  • Fully customized nutrition program, including macros, specific meal plan to follow with foods, amounts, and macro breakdown (based on your dietary needs, requests, and goals)
  • Cardio recommendations based on your goal
  • Meal plan modification review every 2-4 weeks depending on your needs, goals, and progression.
  • Weekly check-ins to ensure adherence, address any issues, and go over any questions.
  • 12-weeks of ongoing support provided


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Tired of guessing about what to eat
  • Ready to build a healthy relationship with food
  • Struggle with portion control
  • Want to know what foods are right for you
  • Want to lower stress and inflammation
  • Need more energy and better focus
  • Sick of feeling like crap
  • Desire a stronger immune system


Has your diet has gotten out of control whether you are exercising or not? You can change that now! Making the choice to commit toward improving your diet is a step in the right direction. You will elevate your progress and your overall well-being. Your body will not only thank you, but you will feel like an entirely different person. The best part is, you can start new TODAY!

Wake up feeling better, starting your week off being productive and proud of yourself for eating to fuel the needs of your body rather than out of convenience or comfort. Your Mondays will never be the same!



  • In-depth assessment of your nutrition and health goals
  • Get a detailed nutrition program tailored to you that is doable
  • Weekly follow ups to ensure you stay on track and adhere to your protocol
  • Cardio recommendations based on interests, fitness level, and goals
  • This is a one-off program with periodic adjustments over 12 weeks. Yes, this means you must commit for 12 weeks!



Purchase your program

Fill out the questionnaire sent to your email

Once you submit your answers, your meal plan will be created

Receive your customized program within 24-72 hours via email



Shawna is an IFBB Bodybuilding Professional and a U.S. Air Force Veteran.  She has a B.S. Degree in Nutrition as well as a B.S. Degree in Community Health Education.  Shawna has been coaching clients since 2006, transforming the lives of many with her tried and true techniques.  She loves helping others overcome challenges and bringing out their best selves! 




Thanks for all you've done for me. I am so grateful. You are my inspiration and you have taught me just a piece of your great experience and training. You’re an awesome role model!

Amy Kosirog

Shawna is a wonderful coach that really takes ownership of your success. She really cares, a rare quality in today’s world! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to transform their body.

Gregg Bassett

Each workout with Shawna is characterized by her unwavering sincerity and intense focus on achieving the desired goals, all delivered in an engaging and caring manner. I believe her unique approach, often underrated, deserves wider recognition and should be experienced by those seeking to unlock their optimal physical and mental selves.
During our PT sessions, Shawna pushed me closer to the best version of myself and helped me recognize a better version of myself that I can strive towards when I'm far from it. You also helped me to push harder mentally/physically, helped me to focus in general, focus on proper form & helped me understand how stretching and consistent nutrition is an important aspect of training. Also helped me have some of the most fun times at the gym 🙂

Zedlin Fernandez

Shawna is supportive and has strategies that have proven successful. She managed to get me to pull my head out of my ass, ultimately steering me in a new and healthy direction.

Nanette Navarez

I selected Shawna from a huge range of PT’s because of her expertise in body building and that she has a degree in nutrition of which she hasn’t failed to deliver. What I didn’t expect to get was the level of care and her own commitment to MY goals. She is amazing and is a big contributor to my motivation.

Colleen Plummer

I look and feel awesome. This honestly changed my life, I couldn't imagine a better trainer if I tried.

David McDonald

Shawna is great at working with your specific needs, while also finding new ways to push you to your limits and beyond. She's fun to work with, has a great balance of dialogue and work-mode, and goes beyond the call of duty to help with any specific logistical situation. For example, I needed to isolate during a show period (as a singer), so Shawna set me up with a home work out. She's also been great at finding challenging, but safe ways for me to do heavy lifting despite my historic stomach surgery.
Her knowledge of form is also incredible. She knows how to get the most out of each movement of a weight, the right pace and positioning to handle the far heavier weights, and utilising angles and speed to get the most out of lighter weights during drop sets.
I'd recommend Shawna to everyone!

Michael Potts


Choose to


Will the plan be easy to understand and follow?

The worst thing about commercialized programs is that they do not have an individualized approach. I will create a plan that suits YOUR lifestyle, interests, goals, and needs.  Every program is customized to you, and I ensure that I make things as clear as possible. If you need any help or adjustments you will receive it!

I am a Vegan...Can you create a program for me?

Absolutely! I include a variety of food sources in my programs for any dietary preferences.

Do you provide supplementation advice?

I can offer suggestions and education on specific supplementation, but by law I do not prescribe it.

How fast can I get results?

As a result of eating healthier, you should start feeling positive effects within the first few days.  Your body and brain may take some time to adjust getting past old habits and cravings. If your goal is to lose weight, be realistic. Change takes time and results vary person to person. Commit to your plan, be patient and stay the course!

I am a picky eater, will that be a problem?

We will come up with solutions to provide you with a balanced diet that is not difficult for you to follow. I will not give you something that you do not like. That is one of the benefits of investing in a personalized program!

Can you work around food restrictions or allergies?

100%. The nutrition program is carefully designed and customized to your needs.

What's your refund policy?

I understand life comes us with obstacles.

I put a lot of my time and careful attention into building my programs and sharing my free products. Your success is based on you following the plan I provide you exactly. Therefore all sales are final once the products are delivered, but I will make sure you will not be disappointed by the quality and service you receive. As your coach, I am here for you!

What if I want coaching longer then 3 months?

3 months is a great launch pad.  Many choose to extend, and you can remain on a month-to-month plan after the initial 12 weeks is up.