Many people struggle with motivation, and this can change day to day. But there is a way to solve this, and anyone can do it!

Here are 10 powerful techniques that will help you get on track:

1.Have a strategy to follow each day by planning at least a day ahead.

2. Prepare your mindset for success, no matter how big or small. Little things lead to bigger ones!

3. Take action every day toward something that feels productive then cross it off your list.

4. Stay true to your list of values (if you don’t have a list of these, write them down now).

5. Create short term goals that are achievable, and write out a long term vision for yourself. Play this movie as often as possible. Post pictures or visual reminders of what you want to achieve.

6. Adhere to your plan and stay consistent. The more you practice this the more motivation will accumulate!

7. Change things up, and don’t allow things to get mundane. Learn new information toward something you are looking to achieve, or practice a new skill.

8. Start each day affirming what you intend to commit to. Program your mind for small wins. Even just taking care to put your clothes away rather than throwing them on the floor, bed, or over a chair.

9. Avoid self sabotaging behaviors:
-Don’t make excuses
-Don’t allow yourself to get lazy
-Don’t let work or chores pile up
-Don’t overeat or oversleep
-Don’t allow your personal or workspace to get messy or unorganized
-Don’t allow your old, unwanted habits to creep in or consume you
-Don’t allow your comfort zone to prevent you from trying new things or exploring new places.

10. Invest in something helpful to you that could be life changing. Your mental and physical health comes first.

Motivation comes from a clear mindset of what you want to do and what you want to get done. So do some cleaning of your headspace, visualize the life you want to build, and get your priorities in order. Start this today, and keep moving forward!


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