Yesss the holidays are approaching us fast, so it is a good idea to keep some things in mind before we get down to business and stuff our faces!
Just so you know, even as a reasonably strict eater, I still do enjoy splurges once in a while, and what better time to enjoy it than in the company of others who relish in it too..haha. However, there are some things to bear in mind before you dive into these dining activities, So let’s get this sorted.
Tip #1: Start with smaller portions
If you like a variety of the foods offered, take a little bit of each. Think of them of little portions of appetizers on your plate. Our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs, and it is easy to get out of control. You shouldn’t be building your plate up, and then wondering at the end wondering how you are going to be finishing it all, and then either forcing yourself to finish, or throwing away the excess.
Tip #2: Choose healthier foods first
You can grab more veggies, whole grains, and lean meat (like lower fat white meat, no skin) first, then you will see how your plate fills up quickly. Then add the candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and bread last. You will likely choose smaller portions of these items after seeing what littler room you have for them :).
Tip #3: Don’t drown your food
If there is gravy and salad dressing, try not to add more than you need. Just enough to add flavor, and be over it. These additions add surprisingly more calories that your body doesn’t use.
Tip #4: Stop when you are full
If you went overboard filling your plate, do not feel obligated to finish it. You can save the excess and enjoy it later. The worst thing about overeating is feeling tired and bloated. When we eat more than our bodies can process, your blood sugar spikes which causes you to become tired, but everyone wants to blame the Tryptophan in the turkey. The poor turkey can’t get a break any way you slice it…I know, cheeky :).
Tip #5: Give thanks
Obviously, this is a great time to show gratitude for your food, the people who provided it, prepared it, who grew it, picked it, etc. Compliment the chef, be grateful to God, and when you take each bite and think about how good it tastes and how blessed you are to have this moment and experience. Practicing gratitude breeds good feeling thoughts and more blessings to you.

Now here’s another thing to be mindful of…

Guilt prevention
Those tips above can help with this, but so can these additional things that are easy to do:
Workout in the morning before you eat
Go for a walk after eating rather than laying down
This physical activity can help rev up your metabolism, and also help you be aware of your body before, during, and after feeding yourself.
Save your dessert to eat after you have fully digested your meal. You can eat a couple of bites, then put the rest away. It isn’t life or death to eat it all right away, so don’t force yourself to eat it just because everyone else is. Plus you have a treat waiting for you later to enjoy…yay!

Enjoy this day as a blessing, and be happy. Don’t be hard on yourself, or punish yourself for enjoying your food. Just be mindful that good food should be a reward for your body, and what it does for you, to give you energy and replenishment so you can move through each and every day. Try not to use “comfort food” as a fleeting reward to satisfy your brain as an emotional bandaid. These habits can become hard to break. Change your mindset about food, and you will think twice about what you are doing.

Don’t neglect to give/show love to yourself, your family, friends, and ya…even strangers.
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Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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