We all undergo hard times. But we don’t have to embody them. We can overcome anything we choose to. If you want to build yourself better to have a happier future, it’s a good time to explore who you are, how you define yourself, and what you want.

Let’s start with evaluating yourself. Are you self aware of what movies you are playing in your mind on a daily basis?  Take a few minutes to move through the following questions:

Where do your thoughts go throughout your day?

Do you find yourself worrying or focusing on what is wrong with you or others?

Are you jealous of others who are successful, or are you inspired by them?

What do you want for yourself?

Are you focusing on feeling good, or looking for things that are wrong with you?

What does the best version of you look like?

What do you value?

Taking a deep dive inside yourself is a step in developing your wisdom. When you know who you are and want to become, you have the opportunity to build your character. We don’t care about the outside world right now. Everyone will always have their opinions, judgements and agendas. Everyone is living in their own reality that is shaped by their own beliefs and circumstances. Not everyone is able to develop themselves, because they are not ready to improve themselves. They know that change is hard, and confined by the program of the outside world too much to advance their mindset.

If you want to feel free and grow beyond the confinement of your own mind or other things getting in your way, you can start by building your confidence. You become more confident by changing how you talk to yourself, taking care of your body, adding to your skills and knowledge, and allowing yourself to feel abundance in the littlest things. You build yourself up when you learn how to survive outside of what is comfortable. You become unbreakable when you become empowered through aligning with your values and having the confidence to back it up. When you know more about a variety of topics, you can be flexible in interactions with others. When you have confidence through knowing how to handle your emotions, you know how to control yourself in different situations. When you know how to create a feeling of abundance, you will attract more abundance.

You want to get to the point where you can make solid choices and take action because you know the result will be good for you. 

What you do have control over is what choices you are making moment to moment. There is so much going on in life, we have to be super aware and be smart about what action to take when it comes what you focus on and think about. Turn your attention on the thoughts and healthy things that make you feel good and inspire you to keep moving in that direction. Having healthy outlets will help you choose better for yourself.

Look within and up. Once you start building yourself up, keep going! Appreciate the journey and know that your past was filled with stepping stones as a pathway to bringing out something greater within you. Even if you suffered hardship or loss. You can choose to not let that define you but grow you, and turn it into something that will benefit others or introduce a new pathway for you to follow. Do your best to be kind to yourself and others, and try to put your attention on the good you want to see and feel, and share that gift with others.

Create better circumstances for yourself to bring out the best in you. Don’t lose sight of the character you want to represent. Nor neglect your values for someone else’s welfare. Do not let anything wreck your energy, motivation, or creativity. Stay centered so you can think clearly and be wise when you begin to notice you are getting off track (you will have signs just by what you are attracting to yourself). Always go back in your mind and body to recall what freedom means to you and use that to empower yourself.

Don’t take for granted the power of the unseen. May you be guided with strength, courage, knowledge, wisdom, and love.

“Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.”-~Benjamin Franklin


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