Build Your Mind

What you think about can either be productive and useful, or sit there and collect dust. If you are going to work toward a goal to get your body to a healthier state, or to feel your best ever, you must first build the bricks by starting with a stronger mindset.


There is no getting around it…Your mind is so powerful, and if it becomes lazy, disinterested, or stops wanting to pursue what your body needs it creates a tug-of-war and a host of other issues within you. If this happens to you, you may want to try tactics that shake up your same ‘ol, same ‘ol routine that keeps you stuck where you are.

You can start right away by incorporating things into your daily routine that focuses on mindfulness, stress relief, philosophy, spirituality, music, dancing, art, cultural learning…anything related to self-growth and self-expression.


You can easily do any of the following:

1. Start your day 30 minutes earlier by getting your butt out of bed as soon as your alarm clock spouts off. By incorporating a little more time you can add in stretching, meditation, or complete a few chores, which adds productivity at the beginning of your day.

2. Spend a little time thinking about what you are grateful for. Practice being present by appreciating the little details within your day. This is an invaluable life tool. It allows you to access clarity. Don’t think too hard. Just let your heart speak for you.

3. If you have a hard time turning your circus brain off, try listening to music, or motivational/educational YouTube videos that you enjoy and also feeds inspiration. Listen while you workout, get ready for work, drive your car, or during a daily break.

4. Get your heart rate up early in the morning. Just 10-20 minutes of aerobic activity per day can boost your endorphins, releases natural “feel good” chemicals, and shuttles more oxygen to the brain revitalizing your energy for hours.

5. Don’t let technology own you. Do something social or nature inspired outside of checking your phone. You can practice playing a sport, write, paint, play a board game with friends…Get creative! Do something that disconnects you from Artificial Intelligence for a while. It is good to have a variety of outlets that reduces cortisol levels and fuels mental and physical health.

Stand By Your Commitments

If you want to become more powerful, you must be willing to commit. Newness can be scary for some. If you have difficulty adhering to a protocol that you, a coach or mentor establish for you, then you are fighting to leave your comfort zone. Without allowing ourselves to progress or commit to change, we stay the same. As human beings evolution is inevitable. Becoming more resilient through facing discomfort; moving through ups and downs, and being able to cope change will boost your survival skills. The more you develop yourself, the stronger you become!


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