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We got your back

we got your back

Change isn’t always easy.  If everything was easy life would be boring!  We would have little purpose to see what we are made of.  

That is where Team Strong comes in.  Team means working together as a unit to bring out the best in you.  To help you reach your goals and wake up each day respecting your health and moving toward purpose,   with a desire to feel better.  We can’t wait to see what you haven’t unleashed yet!

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Founder, Head Trainer

At some point of my journey I felt that I was not good enough.

 But eventually life taught me that it was the journey of learning, overcoming multiple challenges, facing my demons and  obstacles. 

Moving through discomfort made me STRONGER.

I learnt to balance my mental and physical well-being. I found joy in knowing that I am moving in directions that align with who I want to be, and what I want to create. 

But more importantly, ENJOYING the process of practicing what I have learned.

I want to share knowledge, techniques and mechanists that took me years to learn with YOU. 

I take great pleasure in being able to help others in their journey of self enhancement.  Because none of us are broken, we just have some adjustments to make.

Our choices, values, goals, desires, define who we are and to help us reach whatever we set out to do. 

Awareness of what you want to accomplish is the first step.  I am here to help you nail down what is important to you.

You have control of your reality, so choose the best path.  You don’t have to be the best at anything, as long as you are always moving toward the version of yourself that makes you feel better, healthier, and happier, you are winning.   

core Concepts

what's in store for you


Weight Training + Cardio + Strength Training
Gym or at home workouts designed perfectly for you, with accessible online demonstrations. No more guesswork!


Designed for your goals and needs
Nutrition for fat loss, building muscle, or just to get you on track for optimal health and making better choices.


Your best is yet to come
Long term transformation involves your mindset. What your mind believes, you achieve. Overcome hang ups, bad habits, self doubt, and build your future better!

Our Vision

When We work together, We become a Team. No Solder Left Behind. Your Success is Mine

“Team” means unity, that you are not alone. “Strong” reminds us of the challenges we have overcome and that we all have the power to persevere with a “never say die” spirit.

These concepts are the driving force behind Team Strong.  We’ll teach you ABC’s.  Achieve, Believe, and Conquer!  

To lead, inspire, empower, and fuel individual potential, by offering quality education, guidance and support to enrich the lives of all willing to commit to a healthier and happier life!

Our Mission & our commitment to you

Core values

This is what sets us apart from the masses of trainers in the industry. We teach you HOW to achieve REAL results and maintain them for life.

We pay attention to your needs and details.  We want you to learn from us and succeed on your own.  This is your memorable & life-changing investment.

 We want to teach you to unlock and activate YOUR power!

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