I learned the value of discipline through having a strong desire. Point blank.

Plan for your success

If you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes to get there. You must feed your #inspiration to help you along the way. How? Through continuously seeking knowledge, finding mentors and role models, and creating and being open to opportunities relating to your goals. Without this, what else is going to move you? Others can only motivate you only so much, so you have to be able to lead your own vessel without being pushed. That is why your #desire has to be #strong, and you must establish discipline through setting up a proper #plan and sticking to it.

Once you get started, don’t stop.

“Better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all.” -Sean-Paul Thomas
You can’t be afraid to fail. Stay focused on what you want, and keep on going. So what if you hit some road blocks along the way? You don’t have to be stuck there. Everyday we have a chance to start fresh, at least with our thoughts. We can be #limitless in our potential if the belief in ourselves is continuing to be nurtured and built upon.

Become better than you ever have been

I didn’t just achieve the body that I wanted, I learned invaluable things about myself along the journey. I turned my weaknesses into strengths, I made mistakes and rather than giving up, I found answers on how to avoid repeating them. I found my #success in understanding that I create my reality, and this led me to wanting to get the best out of life through understanding who I was on the inside, and how that reflects back to me. For me, #goals never end. I always come up with new ones that align with my desires that have become my purpose. The most important one is to continuously improve upon becoming a better human being.


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