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personal empowerment Program

mind Strong Program

  • Strengthen your clarity & establish healthy priorities
  • Overcome personal blocks and habits
  • Build your mind-body confidence
  • Create your "ideal life" and mold your future
  • 2 (45 minute) video or phone coaching sessions per month
  • 24/7 Email support
  • Unlimited activities and tools provided to assist you with your coaching
  • FREE "Think Stronger" Mindfulness Journal and tracker
$ 997
a fit body starts with a fit mind

You are ready


Shawna is an IFBB Bodybuilding Professional and a U.S. Air Force Veteran.  She has a B.S. Degree in Nutrition as well as a B.S. Degree in Community Health Education.  Shawna has been coaching clients since 2006, transforming the lives of many with her tried and true techniques.  She loves helping others overcome challenges, and will be the ultimate guide to getting you in shape, feeling your best, and bringing out your best!



"Shawna managed to get me to pull my head out of my ass steering me in a new and healthy direction. Shawna is supportive and has strategies that have proven successful. I know because I have FULLY lived through them. Because of her, I am single and strong, and the ideas I had for myself are coming to fruition."
-Nanette Navarez
"Shawna taught me that in order to accomplish healthy goals in life, my mental health was the key to success. This overall conscious mental awareness is what ultimately made me the healthy woman I am today! I feel fantastic every day and I wake up cherishing the little things in life and manifest the best! Shawna empowered me to make the right choices in support of my health, morals, and values. "
-Randi Alison
Our time: 1:11am NZST
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