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Change isn’t always easy.  If everything was easy life would be boring!  We need challenge to build purpose so we can witness what we are capable of overcoming and  accomplishing.  

Pedal to the metal baby. That is where Team Strong has your back.  Bringing out the best in you so you can live your best life right now. I strive to motivate and inspire you to unleash potential you haven’t given attention to. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

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Weight Training + Cardio + Strength Training
I can train you in person or you have the option of an online program. Workouts are designed specifically to suit your needs and goals. No more guesswork!


Designed for your goals and needs
Nutrition for fat loss, building muscle, or just to get you on track for optimal health and making better choices.


Your best is yet to come
Long term transformation involves your mindset. What your mind believes, you achieve. Overcome hang ups, bad habits, self doubt, and build your future better!

Hi! I am Shawna. I am an IFBB Bodybuilding Professional and a U.S. Air Force Veteran.  I have a B.S. Degree in Nutrition as well as a B.S. Degree in Community Health Education. I have been coaching clients since 2006, transforming the lives of many with my “tried and true” techniques. I love helping others overcome challenges, and will be the ultimate guide to getting you in shape, feeling your best, and bringing out your best!



Shawna is a wonderful coach that really takes ownership of your success. She really cares, a rare quality in today’s world! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to transform their body.
Gregg Bassett
Shawna is supportive and has strategies that have proven successful. She managed to get me to pull my head out of my ass, ultimately steering me in a new and healthy direction.
Nanette Navarez
Thanks for all you've done for me. I am so grateful. You are my inspiration and you have taught me just a piece of your great experience and training. You’re an awesome role model!
Amy Kosirog
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Yep! You have the option of working with me one on one, in a group of 3-5, or in a larger bootcamp style group. If I do not have a group you can join, you may contact me with a group of interested people and I will organize it. 

Your programs are designed according to your goal, condition, and lifestyle. Workouts can take between 20 to 60 minutes to finish depending on how much time you can commit to your training and your current ability.  

There are alternative things you can do depending on what is injured and the severity.  However, if you have any questionable physical  issues, you should consent with a competent physical therapist and/or doctor prior to beginning training just to be safe.

The longevity of your program is negotiable. The online do-it-yourself program is based on 4 weeks. You will be able to renew monthly to continue with your coaching at a discounted rate if you become a recurring client of Team Strong. The personal training over video call is charged the same as regular training rates. 

We are confident in what we over-deliver, because of the experience and knowledge going into your program and we offer real results.  Because programs are delivered within 3 days after purchasing, once you commit you are in it until your contract ends.  Don’t buy if you are doubting your ability to commit and follow through.  Some people are never ready, and abandon ship because that is the mindset they are used to.  

No. I offer online live video training, as well as programs you can follow on your own through my Team Strong app. It’s an alternative that still allows you to work with me when you can’t afford in person coaching. I will always do my best to communicate in a way you can understand.  

Training at home can be as simple as using your own bodyweight. However, having some different training tools to use can allow more variety. After assessing what equipment you do or do not have to work with, your program will be designed using just what you have available including using an outdoor area you have access to. The world is your gym…and your oyster.

No worries! You are supported every step of the way to ensure you understand what you are doing and why. You will be taught in the best way manageable.  You just have to show up and have a willingness to learn.  We love newbies!

Great!  We will challenge you and ensure you get what you need, to help you advance even further.  We do offer different levels of competition programming whether it is your first time or experienced.

This depends on how well you commit and adhere to your program(s), and your attitude toward it.  With a positive, determined mindset you will feel results right away, and start noticing physical changes within 30 days. Don’t be impatient because that will work against you.  Fat loss speed can slow over time, as does accumulating new muscle.  Your body needs both change and challenge to continue getting results.

Our time: 4:30am NZDT
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