Movement into a New Era Requires Wisdom

Develop your character through strength, courage, knowledge, wisdom, and love.
Controlling our emotions during a time of uncertainty and change takes self awareness and wisdom. Nobody really knows what is the right thing to do right now, nor the direction things are going to go. We all have our different opinions, and there are multiple agendas trying to be met. Worrying is a waste of time, and so is trying to convince others what you believe is going to happen. Everyone is living in their own reality that is shaped by their own beliefs, logic, knowledge, and circumstances.
Of course it has been difficult to feel joy and content, and even warmth toward each other during these past few months. There is blame, contrasting ideas, and so much frustration. We are highly encouraged (in some places even forced) to steer clear of each other and told to cover our faces, limited in where we can go, and pushed to rely on technology for almost everything…none of which is healthy for our psyche. There is a lot of change and so much to distract us, so we have to be strong and smart when it comes to the state of the world and each other. Do your best to be kind, and try to put your attention on the good you want to see and how you want to feel.
“Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.”-~Benjamin Franklin
The broad scale ideals of freedom and justice is being redefined as we are seeing now. Heed caution against what the news or people are telling you, and do not allow them to sway your common sense or freak you out. Look within and up. Do not let anything wreck your energy, motivation, or creativity. It is a psychological & emotional battlefield out there, and we must stay centered to think clearly and be wise in our decision-making overall. Find what freedom feels like within yourself and use that to empower you.
My hope is that these circumstances we are undergoing will eventually bring out the best in us, not the worst. And I hope the outcome will benefit all people in our country and around the world. But we can’t allow ourselves to be detoured by fear so much that we are blinded by it. We also have to know what changes we want to happen without our values and liberty being infringed upon.

Last thoughts, and I get a little hard here…
Do not apologize for what privileges you have acquired through positive moral intention, hard work, and desire.
If you have actively participated in, lived through, and knowingly received your privilege through the manipulation, fear, and force upon others then that is disgraceful, pathetic, and unacceptable. This goes for all times and includes all people.
It is not ok to use your struggle or hatred to manipulate others into following your beliefs, or take things away from them. No one is worth more or less no matter what you have been through or what race you are. The best way to move forward is to grow forward through civility, moving on through a new way of thinking, not through physical or psychological tyranny. Shifting of power & control using violence and lies will always create harm, imbalance, and fuel hatred. Every life matters, and sadly some lives are lost or drastically changed in the midst of what is going on behind the smoke and mirrors. God is always present and aware of all that we do and do not, never forget the power of the unseen. May God bless us with the truth and wisdom we need now more than ever.

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