In Honor of Those Who Served

As military veterans, We don’t ever want to stop serving our country. But it’s hard to know your place in that when you feel like it isn’t serving you back. Or if you can’t use your skills you were taught in the military the same way.
So how do we solve this problem? This isn’t a conversation about negativity and what’s wrong with our political system, even though i am tempted to do that lol. If we keep looking at things that are wrong, and not focus on the things that are right and make those even better, we will keep feeling like we are stuck in the hole.
I want to discuss what can we can do to create a mindset to feel like we are still serving in some positive way. Even if you were not proud of what you did while you served. That time is over. This is about a remedy to serving our purpose now. So we can reflect on today by remembering those who served, and those who died in the time of their commitment for our government. And also reflect on how can you be a better soldier in life, to yourself, and for the people around you.
We went into the service to serve and protect our country and it’s people. But have little life experience going in. We enlist at a young age, not having any idea of who we are, what life is about, what choices we have, or what we are even capable of.
We go in learning a program, and fulfilling a commitment. It is what we are taught to follow, and when the time is up, left with that program, and either able to do something useful with it, or left physically impaired, mentally paralyzed from PTSD, or with no personal direction.
I would like to say there is a simple fix to this, but it isn’t easy for everyone to move forward after they serve. It takes small steps. It takes footwork, practice, and support.
What helps (and this goes for anyone) is to take attention off what you went through, and putting it onto what you can do now to build your inner warrior to achieve balance, focus, & clarity. To take our energy in the direction that will build you stronger. Seeking knowledge and building life skills to settle our battlegrounds. When the mind is messy with the past or negative thoughts you can’t find clarity. And it is in clarity and peace where we find our answers. Our purpose develops from and through our experiences. We can re-write the script every moment of every day. Just by finding new and productive thoughts will generate power. You hold the key. If you build up yourself you can make the world a better place. This is the best way to soldier on and continue to serve yourself and the people. Warrior strong.

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