Developing a Strong Mindset During COVID-19 PART 2

Are you taking advantage of time, or is it taking advantage of you?
By now, we have already experienced more time than we are typically used to being at home. Staying entertained and keeping spirits up has never seemed more challenging. We have a massive opportunity during this time to navigate our creativity, re-purposing our mindset to override unhealthy habits and develop ourselves. With that said, our intelligence and our bodies are gifts that shouldn’t be neglected, so using this time to benefit our well-being is an ideal investment. If you are giving into the things that do not improve your life, and you are aware of it, this is your wake-up call and certainly a good time to take action.
In avoiding the psychological warfare presented on the news, I found myself searching for weird and funny things to watch on YouTube, and diving into some thought provoking lectures, debates, and documentaries. Let’s just say having a variety of things to think about has become my drug. So rather than allowing myself to get dumbed down and catatonic (which can easily happen), I chose to fire up my brain, and really get it smoldering with new stuff.
I hovered over whatever caught my interest, sifting through spirituality, philosophy, psychology, economics, theories, and 5G technology. Then I found stories on people who live with extreme mental and physical disabilities, how families in a small village live on $1 per day, and found groups of people that eat some really strange and disgusting things. I have experienced very eye-opening, humbling, and inspirational thoughts, and it is almost overwhelming on how much I can learn about in a single day. Really, how can any of us ever get bored?
Aside from my occasional YouTube browsing and a little book reading, I take time to reflect on some things I have learned about, and discuss them afterward with my partner who also enjoys sharing his thoughts and perspectives in an open-minded discussion. Generating new conversations keep us stimulated and growing, and the greatest thing I have received from all of this is that it inspires my writing (my passion and therapy).
Also it is important to mention that I take several breaks away from technology, making sure I move my muscles to promote blood flow in my body and brain, whether it is walking, biking, running, stretching, or strength training. Physical activity is also necessary in preventing laziness and depression, as is getting plenty of natural light and fresh air. Meditation is also a tool that I incorporate as a way to silence my brain from all thought, and prayer strengthens me.
How are you dealing and what are you doing about it?
How are you making the best of of your situation now? Is your attention focused on what you are missing or lacking, or on how you can improve your situation? The secret to motivation and keeping your brain from going into a slump is to continue to find things to do, and have some organization to your day. When we allow boredom or depressive thoughts to circulate, we become vulnerable to letting circumstances control us which in turn leads us to having more obstacles to overcome.
If you are binge watching the news or other programs that flood your mind with fear, worry, anger, or other thoughts that raise your anxiety or stress level, then you are putting your mental and physical health at risk. Being confined to our homes fighting boredom can draw us to unhealthy behaviors. Having a strong mindset will help you to avoid temptation to drink alcohol, take recreational drugs, or binging out on high sugar and fatty foods. Become firm in resisting these and other things that could be abusive to your health, psyche, and relationships.
“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”
If you need a break to ease your busy brain, there are many healthy ways to “therapize” yourself that can offer your brain a rest. A major benefit in building a strong mindset is that you can more easily remove dependencies and temptations, and you can rely on your discipline and higher capacities to guide you. You can try centering your mind through what I do (meditation, prayer, exercise, writing, studying), plus adding in other things that settles your spirit. Let your inner unicorn out…ha ha. While this may sound a little fluffy to you, it does help…just sayin. When our mind is calm we can more easily observe the playfulness and mystery of life that we stop appreciating when we are all wrapped up in stress mode.
Final thoughts…
We should never stop building our mental fortitude so that we can be more flexible under any circumstances. Everything you need is divinely built into you, and when you can let go of needs from the ego, there is no need to look anywhere except inside yourself and your connection to our creator to provide you with comfort. Become the BOSS of your mind and your spirit, and you will know when and how to filter out the things that do not serve you, and harness the things that do. Once you have this nailed down, you are better prepared to handle anything.

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