Developing a Strong Mindset During Covid-19 PART 1

Observation leads to clarity
Set aside for a moment your resistance on what or who is to blame for the Covid-19 pandemic, and what you think has caused the things we are witnessing or trying to understand. Instead, think about what we can learn from this experience about ourselves, from the current conditions we are living in and observing.
Of course this event has caused sudden change affecting the entire world. But it is how we allow ourselves to respond that will make the difference in finding clarity and creating change toward something good, or otherwise allowing ourselves to become weak and fall off the deep end.
We are not all looking through the same lens, as we are separated by varying circumstances. We become accustomed to comfort and certain standards of living which shifts our survival mechanisms. Just looking at how far humanity has come, evolving from plowing fields, relying on skilled trades and physical laborers, to a technological driven society in less than 100 years. People used to bury money in their back yard and hide it under the mattress too. We are witnessing the transition from using cash to cards and electronic bank transfers, so the concept of saving without some institution tracking it all will soon be a thing of the past. This means will will be forced to trust the invisible transaction and holding of funds whether we like it or not.
The structure of things bridging from our dependencies has molded our definition of what comfort and freedom feels like, subtly pushing us to rely on conditions of things to meet our needs rather than on building ourselves as individuals. This begs to question a couple big things that we need to re-evaluate across the world: How much reliance and trust do we have in our governments to make decisions that truly benefit humanity, and what does it mean to be free? These questions can certainly take us down the rabbit hole, but the main purpose of this article is to acknowledge that it is harder to take on the bigger questions unless we can dismantle and understand the components. The key component is people, so we can only get better at solving problems if we know how to handle ourselves as individuals. We should encourage ourselves to become stronger through gaining momentum on the focus of personal freedom and what that means, which comes from freeing your mind first.
We will always be stronger in numbers than acting alone. But only if each and every one of those numbers is strong in their footing. This means instead of allowing ourselves to be dumbed down from the constructs of a staged reality, we must elevate all the things about us that can make us greater beings. In the silence we should be able to think better, although many would agree that they miss the noise (something we commonly use as a distraction to keep us away from facing ourselves).
When the world falls silent, and there are no gyms, cafes or restaurants to dine in, events to attend, family gatherings, playing or relaxing in the park…we are left with ourselves to contend with. So while we are trapped in front of our computers, phones, and TV, we become vulnerable to listening to “the program” that breeds negative emotion and fear. People will allow themselves to “go there” just to feel some sort of connection, rather than shut it all down, when they could be getting their minds productive on how each one of us can be part of a solution. Through finding things that are more beneficial to your soul and the life you could be creating for yourself, you will get out of feeling stuck.
“Be like a mountain; do not let anything disturb your inner peace.”
-Debasish Mridha
The feeling of freedom comes from your ability to detach from the idea that the world around you is holding you back, or the way you incapacitate yourself through your thoughts and beliefs. You will continue to feel trapped in a cage if you buy into the nonsense that makes you feel lazy, numb, depressed, anxious, and helpless. In order to be strong you will need to establish mental balance & clarity. This means you have to be aware when things are making you feel uneasy, and how to not get all balled up over it. Once you begin to “know” yourself better, you will gain more clarity on what you need to work on. Keep in mind that things will only get better if you allow yourself to become better. We are designed to be brilliant, and to drive ourselves to become stronger, not to take steps backward.
What we can do from here forward is to take ownership of our own lives under any situation, and be smart about it. Choices you make not only affect yourself but the people around you. This is how we can each do our part to save each other and this world from destruction.

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